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how to make a film in 48 hours

this weekend the team participated in the 48 hour film project in melbourne.

we made a film in 48 hours. again.

we thought we’d share an easy how-to guide for future participants.

  1. arrive super early on time, but expect that genres are being distributed at kick-off time.  go into the venue at ten-to-kick-off-o’clock and discover everyone else has their genre and the only one left is something you don’t like
  2. take the wildcard
  3. draw a genre that speaks to your weaknesses.
  4. argue with your loved ones for three hours.
  5. take the elements, genre, and spatterings of plot elements you have and feed them into your screenwriting computer (a.k.a adam tzinis)
  6. go to bed at stupid in the morning.
  7. wake up and make a movie!
  8. go to bed at stupid in the morning.
  9. begin editing with scrutiny and critical artistry.
  10. lower standards.
  11. panic on the internet for a few hours trying to find free music that isn’t terrible.
  12. leave lots of time for exporting your film.
  13. rejoice after your computer takes five minutes to export your film.
  14. read comics until one-hour-before deadline.
  15. drive and then freak out because what if the USB you put your movie on is bad??? YOU LEFT THE LAPTOP AT HOME
  16. hand in the movie.
  17. PANIC.
  18. have awkward conversations with strangers.
  19. #networking
  20. go home.

congratulations, you made a movie in 48 hours.


how to make 4K footage look like it was shot on VHS

these instructions assume you know what you’re doing, so they’re not very detailed.

footage taken at 4K UHD in a blackmagic production camera


really flat, hey?

da vinci resolve: apply preferred 3D bmpcc4k lut to rec.709. drop contrast. move wheels to pink. hue vs. sat curves: max sat magenta, drop the rest.


end result is super ugly like this.  we’re aiming to make footage look poorly exposed and damage. encode and deliver to prores hq.

photoshop: make a 4:3 oblong in a UHD canvas. make 4:3 oblong transparent. save as .psd.

premiere pro: import footage and oblong overlay.  use overlay to compose 4:3 shot. effects -> transform -> crop; crop footage to match composed frame. delete overlay.

buy or trial this tool from red giant.

effect -> universe stylize -> vhs

drag onto footage.  play with it until it looks the way you want it to.


looks better in motion because you can see all the grain dancing about the frame. still shows off the rainbow interlacing tho.

you can adjust the destruction to your palette.  we were trying to make it look like an old home video movie. we were pretty happy.


you’re a filthy criminal

Over the weekend, or yesterday, or whatever day it was because of however this whole “timezones” things works out, DC Warner released an SDCC-exclusive trailer for their upcoming Suicide Squad movie for reasons I don’t quite understand.  Like, I can’t expect it to be about making people want to go to ComicCon because, well, people already want to go to ComicCon.  And if it’s about making people want to go see the film, well, I think most people have already made up their mind about that and I thinks those opinions are very polarised and very definitive.

And it strikes me that it can’t be about advertising to a captive audience because, AS FAR AS I CAN TELL, this trailer was a destination in that people went from point A to point B specifically to go see this trailer — and if I know anything about advertising it’s that it simply has no effect on people who already want to buy the thing.

or is it that it has more effect?  i forget.

It must be less effect because how could an ad make someone want to buy something they already want to buy?

I guess that leaves it as a reward.  Something of which I supposed entitled socially-awkward nerdy types need more.  “omg didn’t you see the trailer? why weren’t you in hall h?  oh what?  you live in Germany?  I’m so sorry for your lots.”

Anyway.  Warner Comics screened an exclusive trailer exclusively to some exclusive audiences and one of those guys turned out to be a dirty filthy criminal and filmed the whole thing and put it on the internet!  Sadtrombone.mp3!~~~

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Five Photographic and Imaging Tools Your Make-Up Kit is Missing

Inspired by the wonderful points brought forward by F-Stoppers in their excellent post found here, I’ve decided to build this quick list for Make-Up Artists around the world!

Because, let’s face it, what’s the point of being a Make-Up artist if you don’t capture it, right?  The whole point of the career path you’ve chosen is to have it immortalised, in film or on instagram or in celluloid or on television — the memories of the models, or the brides, simply isn’t enough.  You need to be able to prove your work — but more than that, adding Photography to your kit can expand your creative skillset, and pretty soon you’ll be able to run whole shoots without even needing to over Trade-For-Prints work to even a single Photographer!

Click through the break to learn how to get started!

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