how to make 4K footage look like it was shot on VHS

these instructions assume you know what you’re doing, so they’re not very detailed.

footage taken at 4K UHD in a blackmagic production camera


really flat, hey?

da vinci resolve: apply preferred 3D bmpcc4k lut to rec.709. drop contrast. move wheels to pink. hue vs. sat curves: max sat magenta, drop the rest.


end result is super ugly like this.  we’re aiming to make footage look poorly exposed and damage. encode and deliver to prores hq.

photoshop: make a 4:3 oblong in a UHD canvas. make 4:3 oblong transparent. save as .psd.

premiere pro: import footage and oblong overlay.  use overlay to compose 4:3 shot. effects -> transform -> crop; crop footage to match composed frame. delete overlay.

buy or trial this tool from red giant.

effect -> universe stylize -> vhs

drag onto footage.  play with it until it looks the way you want it to.


looks better in motion because you can see all the grain dancing about the frame. still shows off the rainbow interlacing tho.

you can adjust the destruction to your palette.  we were trying to make it look like an old home video movie. we were pretty happy.

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