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you’re a filthy criminal

Over the weekend, or yesterday, or whatever day it was because of however this whole “timezones” things works out, DC Warner released an SDCC-exclusive trailer for their upcoming Suicide Squad movie for reasons I don’t quite understand.  Like, I can’t expect it to be about making people want to go to ComicCon because, well, people already want to go to ComicCon.  And if it’s about making people want to go see the film, well, I think most people have already made up their mind about that and I thinks those opinions are very polarised and very definitive.

And it strikes me that it can’t be about advertising to a captive audience because, AS FAR AS I CAN TELL, this trailer was a destination in that people went from point A to point B specifically to go see this trailer — and if I know anything about advertising it’s that it simply has no effect on people who already want to buy the thing.

or is it that it has more effect?  i forget.

It must be less effect because how could an ad make someone want to buy something they already want to buy?

I guess that leaves it as a reward.  Something of which I supposed entitled socially-awkward nerdy types need more.  “omg didn’t you see the trailer? why weren’t you in hall h?  oh what?  you live in Germany?  I’m so sorry for your lots.”

Anyway.  Warner Comics screened an exclusive trailer exclusively to some exclusive audiences and one of those guys turned out to be a dirty filthy criminal and filmed the whole thing and put it on the internet!  Sadtrombone.mp3!~~~

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daredevil and the game of thrones leaks

This was an interesting weekend for content and content distribution in the we had a few consolidating events that, in conjunction, have helped to prove a point that everyone under sixty has been trying to make for the better part of the last however-many-years-old-youtube-is years.

the point, being, of course, that nobody wants to actually watch television anymore.

In a way very unlike the commentary of recent years regarding the death of the paperback novel, or the death of print and the newspaper, television is actually a doomed distribution platform.  Because, you see, with books, there’s always going to be some subsection of people who enjoy holding them, and reading them, as opposed to using any sort other device.  The screen as a replacement is a dubious argument and, really, at this point in time it genuinely feels like the people saying books will survive were right.  Because the argument here was replacement.  Nothing is actually being replaced in the television/internet transition — we’re still using a screen, only the nature of consumption is changing.  It’s not so much that television is dying – we’re still going to use televisions, and make television, and watch television shows.  It’s the schedule that’s dying.

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content blocking and the role of the digital embargo in the twentieth century

This morning I was moving through one of my many watch later lists that tend to govern my morning routine and I got to a particular piece that I was actually really excited to watch.

And at this point I’m pretty sure you know where this is going.  Because you’re clever.  But, hey, keep at it and give the whole thing a read.  I promise I’ll try to make it engaging.

I wanted to watch a recent interview between John Oliver and Edward Snowden from John Oliver’s new and very excellent and, really, actually, at this point not really that terribly new show Last Week Tonight.  I wanted to watch this because I figured it was important.  Edward Snowden is an important name in the great scheme of the world right now and I felt that John Oliver was the perfect voice to encroach the politics of the whole situation and, because John Oliver is John Oliver, I thought it would be a helluva lotta fun in the doing of the whole thing.  Because that’s what he does — he takes real, proper real, issues and ideas and problems and approaches them through the lens of comedy — because comedy gets shit done!

Or, at least, it makes people feel that way.

But, even if it doesn’t really get much done necessarily, it definitely makes for an enjoyable way of educating one’s self.  SO I WAS PRETTY KEEN, YOU KNOW?  I even left it until last, like that really gosh darned great chicken parmigiana I chose to save the best for last and watched all the stupid broccoli and dry bland mashed potato instead.  But then the waiter was like “no, soz, the chicken is only for Americans”.

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